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Why Pink?

Exclusively for women, especially for Pregnancy, Airmed pink brings you fresh and modern approach to WOMEN DIAGNOSTIC.

Pregnancy is physiological (natural), condition and the females in India who are pregnant are being treated like a patient. We give pregnant females a right kind of environment and make them not to be treated like patient and so we bring upon the concept of Airmed pink to you.

At Airmed pink, we value the time and health of the females, where caring is the key.

We are a diagnostic center, where we have designed the ambience and trained the staff to make you feel special. We have created the Diagnostic Testing an Experience rather than a medical testing process.

Airmed pink Is an Exclusive Women Diagnostic Center. Where our philosophy is “Why make pregnant female sit with infected patients to get the diagnostic tests done ‿

4 Great Reasons To Get Diagnostic services at Pink

Health Planner

We Plan the Appointment for you as per your convenience. Maternal blood tests are brought to you at your door step.

Wait for your baby not for your appointment

You can book the appointment through our website or call our number 8511009922 and we will book the test for you.

Excellence in women diagnostic

With a Team of Specially Qualified Radiologists and the best technology we give you a world class quality.

5D Ultrasonography

We bring to you the best Technology in town. The images are amazingly clear and understandable for the patient, and extremely detailed for your doctor to better access your health.


Being as healthy as possible before becoming pregnant, and getting early and regular prenatal care during pregnancy, are important ways to take the best care of you and your developing baby. Our specially designed pre-conceptions wellness test packages will help you ensure your fitness for a healthy baby. Our nutrition and fitness experts will help you to get to your ideal weight and fitness levels to prepare you for the next big step. Don’t forget to enroll into one of the Preconception Sessions led by our counselors to understand everything there is to start planning a family.


Your life will never be the same - in a good way! We look forward to sharing this experience and supporting you in this transition to becoming new parents. In an ultrasound scan, there is nothing that is as exciting as seeing your baby for the first time. That's why we work hard to make a comfortable, yet exciting, experience for you and your family. Be a part of our antenatal classes and gear up for parenthood.

Health Check-ups

The simple fact that you’re reading this shows that you care about your wellbeing. It takes courage to commit to your health, but once you start living from a preventative perspective, the rewards are immeasurable. At Airmed Pink , we strive to make each experience as pleasant as possible. When you take charge of yourself, we take care of you. We have a range of intelligently designed health check-up packages pertinent to all age groups and other specific health needs.


Women have special health needs, and we are committed to meeting them with world-class, specialized care with state-of-the-art equipment. With a groundbreaking ultrasound system that provides superior image performance, a world class laboratory facility that provides 99.99% accuracy, you can be assured of the quality of testing done at our facility. Our radiologists and pathologists are experts in a wide range of women's health conditions from pre-puberty to post-menopause.

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